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Latest Painting – Grisaille with a splash of colour

Winter Melody (SOLD)

Violin Girl 3

Winter Melody

Well it’s been a week or so since I mentioned this new series, but this one has taken longer than I thought! That time has mostly been taken up struggling a bit to find the right composition and level of detail.

This series is about musicians in non musical settings, grisaille (grey scale) painting with a splash of added colour in one place.

This piece is 48″x48″ (120cm x 120cm) Acrylic on canvas and is available from

I welcome all comments and criticism so please leave me your thoughts, good or not.!

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Starting New Musician paintings……………

Music On Clinton Street (SOLD)

Violin Girl

‘Music On Clinton Street’ Acrylic on canvas 24″ x 18″ (SOLD).

This is a painting I did last year, again bringing together my passion for art and music. I am about to start on a new series, again trying to place musicians in atmospheric settings that add to the feel of the work.
Don’t know why I had a thing for naming paintings after Leonard Cohen lyrics, but it obviously spoke to me at the time!.

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A Walk In The Park – A modern take on Edouard Manet


A Walk In The Park‘A Walk In The Park’ by Nikki Rosetti. Acrylic no canvas 20″x20″ (c)2008

Inspire by the compositional style of Edouard Manet, this painting concentrates on the bold figure exiting the canvas with background supporting figures.I was trying to capture the feel of such paintings as Manets ‘La Serveuse De Bocks’ which has just this feel. This painting was sold to a collector in Greece.

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Daily Painting Giveaway – (Well, almost)!


Daily paintings are the small paintings an artist may do each day to warm up or just for fun. The idea is that these are sold for less than $50 to give everyone the opportunity to own original art.

They are generally small, typically 5″x7″ or 6″x6″ painted in the studio or en plein air.

I put these up for sale on ebay for £14.99 (around $25 US) with free shipping in the UK.

‘Plums’ 7″x5″ Oil on canvas board

See all the currently available paintings here.

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Are My Lessons Done?

A Little Night Music (SOLD)

Are My Lessons DoneWhich is the title of a song by Leonard Cohen and also the title of this artwork from 2013 (sold).

I do like to bring together my passions for music and art into one piece, it’s very satisfying. Especially when someone else also sees something in it that move them to buy it!. This is one of those paintings I was sorry to see go. Acrylic on canvas 20″ x 20″. Not monochrome (black and white), but grisaille (shades of grey).

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Three Cherries Oil Painting