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Cityscape #6 Oil on panel 10″x8″


Cityscape #6 Oil on Panel 10″x8″

A study for two larger works on the easel at present. I am enjoying reverting to black, white and greys with just a few touches of colour with these cityscapes.

I find that this scheme lends itself very wellto the mood and atmosphere that I am trying to capture.

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City Rain Five

City Rain 5

City Rain 5 SmallCity scene , rain. Oil on thin edge canvas 48″ x 30″ (120cm x 76cm)

In this work I am trying to capture the mood of the day, subdued light, muted colours.

The painting was created using artist quality oil paint, applied with brushes, pallet knives and paint scrapers.

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City Rain

City Rain Four


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Double Fiddle – Acrylic on Canvas 36″x35″

Two Fiddles

Two Fiddles

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New Painting – Untitled – rainy night street scene, Oil 48″ x 30″


On the easel, a new painting started today. In this first session, the canvas has been covered with a yellow ochre ground. Some figures have been established, two more foreground figures have yet to be sketched in on the right side where a couple of wiped out areas can be seen. some dark and light ‘landmark’ areas have been sketched in to etablish relative positions in the painting and some parts of buildings are suggested.
I’ll post more photos as the painting progresses. Feel free to make suggestions!


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Starting New Musician paintings……………

Music On Clinton Street (SOLD)

Violin Girl

‘Music On Clinton Street’ Acrylic on canvas 24″ x 18″ (SOLD).

This is a painting I did last year, again bringing together my passion for art and music. I am about to start on a new series, again trying to place musicians in atmospheric settings that add to the feel of the work.
Don’t know why I had a thing for naming paintings after Leonard Cohen lyrics, but it obviously spoke to me at the time!.