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The Painting Series

Art for the home Art for the office, Art for life.......
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Musician Series

Large canvas paintings, mainly acrylics. These works reflect my other passion as a musician. Painted in black and white with a focus of colour

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Blackwater Series

Living and working on the Blackwater Estuary with it’s big skies and distant horizons gives rise to this natural source of inspiration

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Still Life Series

Small paintings on panels, painted from life. An ideal painting for those with a more modest budget

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Romanticism Series

A series of mid sized canvases with images inspired by Romanticist Art

About The Artist

Art for the home, Art for the Office, Art for life

Nikki Rosetti (British b. 1960) creates artwork that reflects the world around her influenced by the places she has lived and worked. Her work encompasses differing artistic styles to reflect the landscape in which she lives, rendering of colour abstraction in atmospheric art and the emotion of the image. The artist’s current work evolves from the dramatic cityscapes influenced by the her 30 years in London, love of rain in the light at night, to her current surroundings in coastal Essex with big skies, seas and mysterious horizons to delicate still life paintings.

  • In a variety of styles and sizes

  • In a variety of styles and sizes

  • Small paintings on MDF panels

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